A new (old) look for onCampus

Readers of onCampus will note that today’s edition has a slightly different look.

We’ve redesigned the front page, moving from a single image and story to a design that allows us to feature multiple stories. The onCampus logo, fonts and other design elements have also been freshened up to bring the publication more in line with Ohio State’s overall brand standards.

I don’t think that any of us would claim that these are groundbreaking moves. Longtime readers of onCampus will remember that we had a straight news approach in the past before moving to a more feature-oriented style that focused on one story. And we will still use the single image in the future when the story and art dictate that type of play. But taking this approach gives us more opportunities to highlight news and some of the online content being generated by our multimedia team.

In addition to the change to the cover, we have four open pages in the center of the newspaper devoted to our special report on new President Michael V. Drake’s arrival at Ohio State. In-depth feature packages like this one are something we expect to be a more regular part of onCampus in the coming year. Taking in a deeper dive into some of the more important Ohio State stories presents a lot of opportunities both for us and for our collaborative partners around the university.

The overall changes have required some adjustments from our team  so I credit onCampus staff members Jeff McCallister and Adam King for the heavy lifting required to implement our new approach from a content standpoint. Rick Harrison from the brand and marketing team provided the overall publication design refresh.

Going forward we’ll continue to tweak, refine and seek ways to improve our look and feel. We welcome any feedback you have on the changes that rolled out today.