DEI Activities in Research and Scholarship

Research: A number of members (Gorka, Barrientos, Fournier, Stern, Aase, Hall, Teater, Philip, Wang, and Kasick) identified DEI specific research efforts and publications:

  • Improving data collection efforts to include race, ethnicity, gender-identity, and sexual orientation for use in secondary analyses
  • Providing mentorship to URM students learning about the research process
  • Targeted research on DEI factors to address disparities
  • Providing project mentoring to students with limited access to research mentors at university and COM level
  • NIH Diversity Supplement

2020-2021 Highlights and publications:

  1. Trent Hall awarded Maternal Mental Health Grant by the Ohio Department of Health
  2. Hall co-authored manuscript, Racial Disparities in Finnegan Neonatal Abstinence Scores for Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome
  3. Hall has grant application for planned study on Validation of the Brief Opioid Stigma Scale (BOSS) in a Racially, Ethnically and Clinically Diverse Sample and Correlates of Stigma with Expectations of Care and Treatment Preference
  4. Hall has an accepted article on Perceptions of Racial Discrimination in the Medical Setting Among a Sample of Black Patients Seeking Treatment for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders. This manuscript is co-authored with faculty of OSU’s Kirwan Institute and Yale’s Recognizing and Eliminating Racial Disparities in Addiction through Culturally Informed Healthcare (REACH) program.
  5. Jay Fournier submitted NIH R01 grant as co-investigator examining health disparities between Black/White cannabis users
  6. Lei Wang leads an NIH-funded supplemental study to an R01 examining neuroimaging correlates of racial-disparity in sleep- disruption and cognitive impairment
  7. Ken Yeager and Arianna Galligher submitted seed gran to research barriers to accessing mental health services for members of the BIPOC community