DEI Activities in Professional Development

Professional Development: Members of our department have identified professional development opportunities both as participants and Our department faculty development workshop series occurs quarterly and this year had specific workshops related to Gender, DEI broadly, and Mentorship. Other activities identified include:

  • Mentorship of URM trainees at various levels including medical students interested in psychiatry
  • Engagement in continuing education opportunities targeting mental health disparities and disparities in research as well as structural inequities and racism
  • Advocacy of DEI issues at professional organization level

2020-2021 Highlights:

  1. Teater and Hall have been engaged in Opioid Use Disorder stigma reduction presentations throughout the health system as well as for grand rounds at the Ohio State Health Network. Their team has trained over 500 participants.
  1. Kasick has participated in Med1/2 Career Exploration: embedded focus on URM recruitment into psychiatry and early opportunities to seek mentors as well as Med 4 AHSS Course: Executive Sponsor for multiple URM medical students