What is a Trained Serviceperson and Can They Legally Apply Pesticides in Ohio?

Currently all pesticide applicator license exams are on hold until further notice from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  What can pesticide application companies do about new employees that were hired to apply or assist in the application of pesticides?

In addition to the licensed commercial applicator, a trained serviceperson (TSP) may legally apply pesticides in the same situations as the commercial applicator, unless the pesticide label prohibits applications by a non-certified applicator. Ohio Pesticide Law has specific requirements for the training and supervision of TSPs.  People who assist with mixing, loading or application, clean or repair equipment with pesticide residues, and clean and dispose of pesticide containers also must receive TSP training.

Training Ohio Administrative Code 901:5-11-02 (A)(2)

Before the first occupational exposure to pesticides, the employee must read or be taught the content in the “Safety Training Guide for Trained Servicepersons.” The employee and immediate supervisor must  verify that the employee received this training; there is a form on page 6 of the manual for this purpose.  The signed and dated verification of training must be kept on file for the duration of the employee’s employment and for three years following termination. The written verification of training also must be available for inspection according to OAC 901:5-11-02 (A)(2)

The employee also must receive training on the proper use of any equipment and pesticides with which they will work.

Direct Supervision  Ohio Administrative Code 901:5-11-02(A)(3)

 Whenever the TSP is working with pesticides, a licensed commercial applicator must provide direct supervision, which under Ohio law requires the commercial applicator to be located either within 25 miles distance, OR within two hours’ travel time to the work site. If the licensed commercial applicator is not at the work site while the TSP is working with pesticides, the TSP must have all pesticide labels available for the products they are using.  Personal Protective Equipment required by the pesticide labels also must be provided.

Where to find the “Safety Training Guide for Trained Servicepersons”

Link to Ohio Administrative Code 901:5-11-02 Trained servicepersons, safety and restrictions


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