Journal #3

I want to help execute a program for Torres with Simon for my Spring Project, which is under the leadership category. I want to be able to take a leadership role in my classes and my clubs/activities. I think that creating a program for my peers would help me gain some leadership qualities. I also think this has a lot to do with community engagement, as I want to do something that others can enjoy. I want to start researching ideas and brainstorming over winter break. My goal is to have an idea to propose to Simon within a week after we get back from break. The first step is brainstorming then my second step is to plan the logistics and time of the event. These steps will be done by mid-February, so that I have plenty of time to set a date. Overall, I want to create an event for my floor mates to enjoy and learn some leadership skills from Simon along the way.

Columbus To Do List pt.2

I really enjoyed doing the Downtown list for the Columbus To Do List project. All five of the places I went were super fun and I enjoyed each experience. My first experience was the Scioto Mile (which I discussed more at the first project due date). My rest of my experiences were the Columbus Art Museum, COSI (which is always fun), the Moonlight Market, and finally the Columbus Commons. However, my favorite of all of these experiences was the Columbus Commons. After we visited it during the first couples weeks of the school, I wanted to go back and see it in greater detail. So, my girlfriend and I went on a nice day and it was amazing. It was nice to see the green and have a nature feel that can be hard to find around Downtown. I feel like it adds a nice touch to city as it provides a space for people to hangout and feel like they are escaping the city for a little bit. Plus, I think they did a really good job using the space as efficiently as possible by putting a parking garage underneath it.

From all of these experiences, I learned so much about Columbus. The biggest thing I learned is the Columbus is a lot cooler than people give it credit for. Even though it is not as big as Chicago and New York, there is a lot of fun stuff to do, if you know where to look. Even being from Columbus, I did not explore Downtown much past Nationwide Arena and Huntington Park. This project gave me a reason to explore it more, and I really enjoyed it. I also learned how eco-friendly the city is. Exploring the city and viewing things from more of a architectural perspective made me realize how Columbus is trying to be green as possible. This could be underground parking garages to leave space, rooftop gardens, or having restraints attempt to reduce waste and usage of straws.

After doing this project, I would like to explore more the green spaces and restaurants that Downtown has to offer. The biggest thing I want to visit is the Topiary Garden, I ran out of time to visit it, but it is a goal of mine to see it in the spring. There is also multiple restaurants I want to eat at, and expand my horizons when it comes to food, eating all different types of food.

If I had to recommend anything for someone else exploring the same list is to see the Columbus Commons and see as much as possible. There is a ton to do in Downtown and I would recommend seeing all the main sights. Plus, the Art Museum is really cool. This is even coming from a guy that likes math better than art. This list is a lot fun, so have a great time with it!




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The dinosaur exhibit at COSI                            My lunch at the Moonlight   One of the paintings at the Museum of Art



A view of the “Daimler” building from the Columbus Commons



Columbus To-Do List pt.1

I decided to do the Downtown list. As resident of a Columbus suburb (Westerville), I have always loved going Downtown, however looking at the list I realized that there was still plenty for me see and explore. The Downtown list included, the Columbus Commons, the Ohio Theatre, Cosi, Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, and more. However, the one I am most looking forward to is the Scioto Mile, as I had not completely explored it. In fact, it was the first place I visited. When my FOTO group went out to find our abandoned spot, I decided to take a detour down the Scioto Mile afterwards. I was so impressed how much prettier the Mile looks than it did just a few years ago. Walking down the path was amazing and it was absolutely beautiful (it helped that it was a beautiful day out too!) The whole experience was amazing and I am very glad I did it. I think it will become one of my favorite places to hangout during warmer weather!  Yet, there is so much more to do Downtown and I have not seen nearly enough of it. The list offers many different places, each having its own unique attraction. I think by exploring this list I will be able to find some more places to hangout or go out to eat. I also think exploring all these different places will expand my horizons and allow me to be a little more diverse. Plus, going out to explore with people could lead to many great experiences and memories.