Social-Emotional Learning

What is SEL?

SEL, or Social-Emotional Learning, consists of five key skills:

  • Self-awareness – recognition of one’s own emotions, personal goals, and values
  • Self-management – regulation of one’s own emotions and behaviors
  • Social awareness – understanding of and compassion for others’ backgrounds or cultures
  • Relationship skills – ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships
  • Responsible decision-making – making positive choices involving one’s own behavior

In recent years, emphasis on these skills has grown as it has become apparent that they are essential for success in virtually every area of life, including: education, employment, family and community relationships. Helping youth develop their social-emotional skills impacts them not just when they are in your school, but throughout their entire lives.

What does SEL have to do with PROSPER?

The two programs being implemented by PROSPER Ohio have incorporated exercises to develop all five key SEL skills in participants.

Examples include:

  • Self-awareness – identifying values, both individually and as a family unit, building self-esteem
  • Self-management – recognizing emotions and brainstorming healthy expressions of emotions, learning creative problem-solving, overcoming shyness
  • Social awareness – conversing with peers across social networks, sharing information about family background and culture, communicating clearly
  • Relationship skills – building relationships, managing conflict in relationships
  • Responsible decision-making – resisting negative pressure and learning ways to positively react in situations where youth may need to make quick or difficult decisions

Emphasizing and strengthening SEL opportunities for your students also has a positive effect on your school’s PBIS initiatives, graduation rates, academic success and general school climate.

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