Information for Schools

A key element that makes PROSPER different from other prevention efforts is that it links university-based prevention researchers with two established program delivery systems within a state—the Extension system and the public school system. Extension offers knowledge of the community and experience in disseminating educational programs. The public school system offers access to youth in the community and to educators who care about making a difference in the lives of students. PROSPER starts with these existing resources and then adds partnerships among the other key youth and family service providers in the community to form small, strategic teams.

Simply put, school partners are a vital component of PROSPER Ohio. Our school partners are an active part of our community team. They help recruit families for family-based programming, share information about local PROSPER Ohio efforts and assist with collection of survey data and consent forms.

For more information about how PROSPER Ohio can work with you to build protective factors for your students, you can read more on any of the following topics:

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