Our Team

State Management Team

Mike Betz, PhD

Principal Investigator

Michael Betz is an assistant professor in the Department of Human Sciences and an FCS state specialist at The Ohio State University. Professor Betz’s research focuses on how local economic conditions impact a wide range of individual, family, and community wellbeing indicators and is particularly interested in the differences between rural and urban areas. He is currently investigating questions examining the connection between local economic factors and the opioid crisis and engaged in research on the economic and social impacts of natural resource extraction on the communities in which it occurs



Ken Martin, PhD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Martin is responsible for convening the PROSPER team from various colleges (College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences; College of Public Health; College of Education and Human Ecology; College of Pharmacy). With a background in rural sociology, he leads efforts tied directly to rural health community development programs, and specifically focusing on broader rural vitality. As a Professor in the Department of Extension, Dr. Martin also serves as a liaison with International Programs and the university community.


Andy Wapner, DO, MPH

Principal Investigator

Andrew Wapner, DO, MPH is the Director of the Center for Public Health Practice (CPHP), the Director of the Master of Public Health Program for Experienced Professionals and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Public Health in the Ohio State College of Public Health (CPH). As a practicing pediatrician with more than 7 years of public health and health policy experience, his primary interest lies in population health planning through integration of health care and public health, with a focus on social and physical environments and their impact on health status. During his time as chronic disease medical director at the Ohio Department of Health, he lead the creation of the state’s first chronic disease prevention and reduction plan and the plan’s implementation collaborative. He also served on several statewide advisory groups, including the Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s Health Value Measurement Dashboard and Prevention and Public Health Advisory Groups.


Laura Akgerman

State Coordinator

Laura Akgerman is the State Program Coordinator for PROSPER Ohio, and the Disability Services Coordinator for Ohio AgrAbility & Ohio State University Extension.  She is a two-time Ohio State University Alum, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Services and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.  Her work focuses on farming with a disability, employment opportunities for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in agriculture and horticulture and PROSPER Ohio. She presents workshops on PROSPER Ohio, Gardening with Arthritis, Farming with a disability, AgriTourism, and other rural health, disability and agriculture related issues for Ohio AgrAbility and OSU Extension.


Meredith Cameron, MSW

State Coordinator

Meredith serves as a Program Director with the Center for Public Health Practice. Meredith rejoined the Center in April of 2017 after two years with The Ohio College of Medicine Government Resource Center as a Quality Improvement Project Manager. She has over 10 years’ experience in public health and governmental health consulting. Her expertise ranges from maternal and child health and social service administration to quality improvement and workforce development. Her experience involves assisting local health departments and large state organizations with project implementation and management.


Evaluation and Research Team

David Julian

Program Director – Evaluation and Community Practice

David A. Julian, Ph.D., is CETE’s Program Director for Community Engagement and Evaluation.  He also serves as the lead for CETE’s translational research scholarship.  He received his Ph. D. from Michigan State University in Community Psychology and his MCRP (Master of City and Regional Planning) from The Ohio State University. His educational experiences and participation in a variety of professional roles have allowed him to be an active strategic planner, evaluator and community engagement consultant who has worked with a variety of health and social services organizations at the state and county levels.  Dave pioneered a specific approach to collaborative planning that has its roots in Ohio’s effort to support inter-systems planning and service provision for youth and families.  Dave has held appointments in the College of Public Health, City and Regional Planning and Social Work. He has taught community engagement, program planning and evaluation and worked with students to conduct formal evaluations of education, health and social services programs.


Anne Trinh, MPH

Senior Program Manager, Opioid Innovation Fund Administration

Anne has over 15 years of experience in public health practice and research in different settings, including local and Tribal governments as well as universities. She is a trained epidemiologist and has spent the last 7 years as a maternal and child health specialist for Columbus Public Health, providing guidance and support for partners working to reduce Franklin County’s infant mortality rate. She is interested in translational science, health equity and policy, the social determinants of health, and place-based public health prevention. Anne went to school in San Diego and received a BS in Microbiology at the University of California, San Diego and a MPH in Epidemiology at San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health.


Kenyona Walker, M.A.

Kenyona Walker is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the school psychology program at The Ohio State University anticipating graduation in 2020. Currently her research is to identify some of the factors that impacts African American females’ decisions to prematurely withdraw from college. As a Lead Mental Health Consultant for The Child Development Council of Franklin County (CDCFC) she supervised the work of fellow school psychology students who began the evaluation process for preschoolers suspected of a disability. At The Ohio State University, as a program manager she lead the evaluation portion of Non-Fiction Text for Inquiry Based Science (NFTI). That role allowed her to leverage her knowledge of assessments to aide in the creation of a K-2 science assessment and modification of a 3-5 assessment, which was utilized across the state of Ohio with over 150 teachers and thousands of students for research purposes. More recently, Kenyona has taken on the role of a program manager on the Community Engagement and Evaluation (CEE) team, where she helps empower organizations, communities and schools through collaboration, evaluation and capacity-building. In addition to her work, her current research interest includes: African American female college retention, racial identity formation and racial socialization of African American youth and young adults.


Brett Zyromski

Prevention Scientist

Brett Zyromski joined the counselor education faculty at The Ohio State University in Autumn 2016 after spending six years at Northern Kentucky University (2010-2016) and three years at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (2007-2010). His scholarship focuses on the impact of evidence-based interventions in school counseling, evidence-based school counselor education, and evaluation in school counseling. Zyromski is the author of Facilitating Evidence-Based, Data-Driven School Counseling: A Manual for Practice (Corwin, 2016). He is also co-founder and co-chair of the national Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference. Zyromski is involved with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) as one of eighteen Lead Recognized-ASCA-Model-Program Reviewers (LRR’s) nationwide.  He has also served as project manager for $5,541,223 worth of federal and state grants.

Prevention Coordinators

Gabby Glenn, MPH, CHES

Prevention Coordinator

Gabrielle (Gabby) Glenn serves as Prevention Coordinator for the PROSPER program at the College of Public Health. Gabby holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology and master’s degree in Public Health, specializing in Health Behavior and Health Promotion, from The Ohio State University. Gabby has a diverse public health background, including work in active living and nutrition promotion, HIV prevention, and maternal child health. The bulk of her experience has been in reproductive and sexual health, most recently as a Community Health Educator at Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, implementing evidence-based programs to young people across the state. Her ultimate passion lies in Global Health and she has had the opportunity to do work in Ecuador, Ethiopia, and Kenya.


Kelly Henderson-Cabral

Prevention Coordinator

Kelly Henderson-Cabral serves as Prevention Coordinator for the PROSPER program at the College of Education and Human Ecology and provides support to Perry and Monroe counties. She received her B.S. in agriculture from Ohio State University and her M.A. in agricultural and Extension education at New Mexico State University. Kelly has over 10 years of experience in community leadership and education in both the southwest and midwest regions focusing on food and health factors that impact community development. Most recently, Kelly worked for the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association as the co-director of a USDA grant that resulted in a comprehensive statewide educational program for beginning farmers in Ohio.


Kenzie Moore, MLIS

Prevention Coordinator

Kenzie Moore serves as a Prevention Coordinator for the PROSPER program in the College of Education and Human Ecology. She received her B.A. in English from the Ohio State University and her master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences, specializing in teen and tween services, from Syracuse University. Kenzie has spent her career focusing on public programming, positive youth development, and community outreach. Most recently, she worked as a Youth Services Supervisor for the Columbus Metropolitan Library, managing library services for youth 0-18 and their caregivers in two branches in Franklin County.


Karima Samadi, MPH, CHES

Prevention Coordinator

Karima serves as a Prevention Coordinator for the PROSPER program at OSU Extension. She earned her B.S degree in Dietetics from the University of Kentucky, and has worked in various programs ranging from child obesity prevention to agricultural education. Formerly an EFNEP Program Assistant, she taught limited resource families how to eat healthy on a budget. After earning her master’s degree in Public Health from The Ohio State University, she leverages her research and experience to influence policy, systems, and environment change through evidence-based programs and prevention systems. Karima provides support and technical assistance for team leaders and community teams in Paulding, Hardin, and Vinton counties.

Team Leaders

Amanda Bohlen

Washington County


Stacie Burbage

Franklin County


Christy Clary

Brown County


Jami Dellifield

Hardin County


Cheryl Goodrich

Monroe County


Misty Harmon

Perry County


Melanie Hart

Greene County


Kate Homonai

Vinton County


Tammy Jones

Pike County


Renita Porter

Franklin County

Central State University


Amanda Raines

Hardin County


Brenda Sandman-Stover

Greene County


Michael Schweinsberg

Paulding County


Travis West

Vinton County