Community Team Member Spotlight

Community Team Member: Doug Shoemaker

Doug Shoemaker is the school Co-Lead for Rosemore Middle School in the Whitehall City School District in Franklin County. Doug brings a great deal of expertise to the PROSPER Community Team, with a background working with youth in a variety of settings, from a Juvenile Court Magistrate to a local high school basketball coach. Currently, Doug serves as the Director of Support Services and Community Relations for Whitehall City Schools, leading district projects, like PROSPER.

Doug has been integral to the success of the PROSPER initiative at Rosemore Middle School. He is a leader in his community and strives to see young people supported and nurtured. Doug has assisted with all aspects of PROSPER including coordinating survey and program implementation, recruiting families, securing childcare, and developing creative ideas for community engagement!

Doug is a ‘Triple Buckeye’, with degrees in Math-Ed, Law, and most recently an MBA through Fisher College’s Bright Program—he said that being an age 57 graduating college student was an absolute blast! He has a wife, 3 daughters, and a granddaughter, along with a brand new tiny Yorkiepoo puppy with boundless energy. Thank you, Doug!