In 2018, The Ohio State University embarked on new initiative to combat the opioid and substance misuse epidemic that is plaguing the state. The initiative is called PROSPER: PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience. The PROSPER delivery system, originating from Iowa State University, is an evidence-based model that has proven successful for nearly two decades in eight states across the country.

The PROSPER menu includes family and school programs that focus on building youth competencies and preventing problem behaviors (e.g., substance misuse conduct problems), supporting positive youth development, and improving family functioning. Programs on the PROSPER menu are universal programs, designed to promote skills beneficial to all families and youth, not just those “at risk.” 

Ohio will be the first state in the nation to engage with 12 communities at once. One distinguishing feature of the delivery system is that it has infrastructure and technical assistance process have been designed to assure that programs are provided for youth and their parents the way they were designed, and that the effort is supported in the community so it can be sustained year after year.

Here is a picture of our team after PROSPER Training at the end of January: