Lab 2 Retrospective – External Sensors & System Analysis I

Lab 2 consisted of learning how to interface with reflectance sensors, and using said sensors to determine distance traveled by the AEV.  This calculation is achieved by having reflective tape occupy opposite quadrants of the wheel viewed by the sensors, and so every time the reflectance sensors detect the presence of reflective tape, it can be extrapolated that the wheel has rotated one half of a revolution.  With the implementation of two reflectance sensors, the direction of rotation can also be derived.  This lab helped the group further familiarize with the nuances of Arduino programming, as well as become comfortable with the reflectance measurement system.


Lab 1 Retrospective – Arduino Programming Basics

During Lab 1, the group became familiar with the Arduino programming workflow and interfacing.  This involved installing University libraries, understanding custom board layout, and learning the basics of programming the microcontroller via its integrated development environment.