Syllabus Art 895 Graduate Seminar

(Prerequisite: Graduate Standing in the Department of art and permission of instructor) 2 units

Instructor, Ken Rinaldo, Associate Professor of Art, Art & Technology

Office: 240 Hopkins Hall, hours by appointment

Class Meeting Time: Tuesday Evening 5:30-7:18~8:18

Location and Lab:

Haskett Hall 308 New Media Robotics Lab.
Class will meet in this lab, unless otherwise specified.

Course Objectives and Procedures

This course explores the spectrum of art worlds within a broader art world; Artists engage many social spheres as a means of artistic and financial survival. Professional gallery artist, museum artist, public commissions artist, academic/professor and festival artist are just a few of the communities many of us identify with and survive within.

In this course we will look at and discuss strategies to identify and connect with the art world/s communities of your choice.

As part of this course, each student will create 1-2 proposals to present or create works of art as individual, or team and class members and professionals in the field will critique and help class members polish and refine their proposal through presentation and discussion.

Class members will further refine their “art image” and marketing materials to better access and find success in the various art worlds discussed.

Faculty members and professionals who occupy and excel in a few of art world communities discussed will offer their wisdom to the class members through lectures and critique.

Each graduate student will:

a) Write about your work

b) Sketch your work/model your work

c) Market your work

d) Publicly speak about your work.

e) Create materials and presentations that best describe your work.

f) Develop an effective strategy for success in your chosen area/s of focus.


Each class member will submit his or her work to not less than 1-2 funding agencies, publications, exhibition, job applications, or competitions of their choice.

Class Structure:

Materials and venues that each student proposes to apply to will be analyzed by the class and an effective strategy will be developed.

The class will be organized as a corporation/collective where each class member will be serving other class members in terms of their respective expertise. All class members will work together to reify and polish class members presentations for the respective areas that you choose to focus on. This will require that class members stay up with assignments and proposals.


Each graduate student has been granted a budget of $150 by the Department of Art, for applications and proposals including printing costs.

*Graduates from Art and Tech and Photo in particular are asked to share their studio access to printers and lighting/photo equipment and grads in other areas are asked to resciprocate with hours in your respective expertise.