Getting Ready

Activities (Ryan’s Friend)

  • Putting on Shirt
    • Takes longer but able to do it
  • Tying Shoes
    • Unable to tie with one hand
  • Contacts
    • Difficult but possible
    • Unable to do it in a reasonable amount of time

Activities (Ryan)

  • Brush Teeth
    • Putting toothpaste involves setting down the toothbrush
    • No problems otherwise
  • Putting on Clothes
    • More difficult but do-able
    • Opening dresser drawers angled and gets stuck
  • Contacts
    • Unable to keep eyes open and put in contact with one hand
    • May be possible with practice

Emily’s Friend

  • getting shirt over head was harder, but putting arm in sleeve wasn’t bad
  • buttons were again trickier–pants and shirts
  • tying shoes was impossible


  • difficult to blowdry hair–had to take many breaks to brush out knots
  • straightening hair was more difficult because couldn’t really do it piece by piece had to just lean over and try to do large layers
  • ponytail was impossible
  • opening makeup tubes, bottles, etc was difficult
  • putting on eyeliner difficult–typically pull eyelid downwards with one hand like when putting in contacts
  • clasping jewelry


  • Putting on Shirt / Clothes
    • Doable with extra time
    • Socks were annoying to put on
    • Buttoning pants were hard
  • Tying Shoes
    • Was not able to do
  • Brushing teeth
    • Was not too hard, maybe took a little longer to do
  • Showering
    • Annoying to dry off with one hand but possible with longer time

Matt’s Friend

  • Putting on Shirt
    • Takes more than double the amount of time but definitely still doable
  • Tying Shoes
    • Extremely hard … eventually just used slip-ons
  • Hair / Makeup
    • Straightening hair was a challenge but putting on lipstick was not as hard as expected


  • Washing Hands
    • Difficult to wash the back of the hand
  • Getting Dressed
    • Not as difficult as expected, would have been painful and more difficult if the collar bone was broken
    • Most difficult due to inability to fully dry hair, specifically bra clasp
  • Putting in contacts
    • Very difficult to open the foil package
    • Difficult to apply solution while holding the contact
    • Relatively easy to put the contact in the eye, however would have given up previously under regular circumstances
  • Showering
    • Proportioning soap was difficult
    • Drying off was difficult, specifically drying hair
    • Could not shave under arms
  • ¬†Hair
    • Unable to perform ponytail