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What does Allyship look like?

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Ohio State students who identify as LGBTQ+ say college gives them the opportunity to explore their authentic selves. But they also want privileges their straight classmates enjoy: The space to learn without being “othered.” Not to be misgendered or dead-named. How can higher education take allyship to the next level? Listen to the latest Inspire podcast from the OSU College of Education and Human Ecology.

Supporting LGBTQ Students During Social Distancing

LGBTQ students may be particularly in need of support during social distancing. Recently, the number of LGBTQ youth using crisis contact services spiked at nearly two times the normal volume. Some students may face unsafe environments at home and feel especially isolated without support from GSAs, friends or affirming adults at school. It’s clear they need support right now.

For answers to these questions (and many more!), read this article: “Supporting LGBTQ Students During Social Distancing

Check out this recorded presentation about LGBTQ students feeling isolated from their LGBTQ community due to COVID restrictions.

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  • What should educators and adults know about how LGBTQ youth are handling increased social isolation, time at home and anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Are there ways educators, school leaders or counselors can signal support to LGBTQ students who may be in unaccepting environments?
  • What steps can educators follow if LGBTQ students disclose that they are in crisis during a time of distance learning?
  • What recommendations can educators pass along to LGBTQ youth to combat feelings of social isolation?
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Here are steps the resource group recommends to show your support for colleagues and students:

  • Include your pronouns in your email signature.  This is such an important topic that the university’s official branding for email signatures includes pronouns and honorific. Learn more (and access the template) here.sample Ohio State email signature with pronouns listed
  • Activate “NameCoach” in your Carmen courses so students can share their pronouns and how to pronounce their name. it’s easy to do–click here for instructions.  Did you know?–> NameCoach is used at Ohio State graduation ceremonies; click here to read more.namecoach logo

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Academic Articles & Recommended Resources:

LGBTQ Students on Campus: Issues and Opportunities for Higher Education Leaders (from Higher Education Today) by Dr. Kristen Renn.