Pronouns: What they are and why they matter (recorded webinar) from Dr. Leo Taylor and Lena Tenney, both from The Ohio State University.

Why are people using pronouns more in their email signatures and on their nametags?

When someone asks you to use their pronouns, they are asking for you to respect their identity. When someone refers to another person using the wrong pronouns, especially on purpose, that can lead to that person feeling disrespected and can lead to dysphoria, exclusion and alienation. Choosing to add pronouns to your email signature or on a nametag shows you’re open to learning what another person’s chosen pronouns may be and makes them feel respected.

Here are steps the Employee Resource Group recommends for faculty and staff to show your support for colleagues and students:

  • Include your pronouns in your email signature.  This is such an important topic that the university’s official branding for email signatures includes pronouns and honorific. Learn more (and access the template) here.sample Ohio State email signature with pronouns listed
  • Activate “NameCoach” in your Carmen courses so students can share their pronouns and how to pronounce their name. it’s easy to do–click here for instructions.  Did you know?–> NameCoach is used at Ohio State graduation ceremonies; click here to read more.namecoach logo