Names & Gender Markers


Changing preferred name at COTC (Process as of 2-8-19): Complete the Personal Data Change form add preferred name or nickname. (Check the box that says “Other” and write on the line provided: “Preferred name: ________”)

What name can I put on my COTC ID card? COTC mirrors OSU’s preferred name on BuckID policy found here.  Contact the Newark Campus Security Office (740-366-9237) for any questions.

Changing legal name at COTC (Policy as of 2-8-19): CHANGE OF NAME/ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER Any change in a student’s name, address or phone number must be reported to The Gateway. Name changes require submission of a U.S. Social Security Card. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the college of any changes by completing a Personal Data Form available from The Gateway. Each student is responsible for complying with any official communication sent to the last reported address.

Changing gender marker at COTC (Link coming soon)



BE AWARE: OSU has multiple computer systems; changing your (preferred OR legal) name in just one place will NOT change it in all OSU’s systems. Same thing for gender marker. However, this list is a good place to start. If you find that the steps listed below are out of date, or if you come across any other offices/websites at OSU that aren’t listed here but should be, please email Max to add them to this page.

Changing preferred name at OSU

What name can I put on my BuckID?

Changing legal name at OSU: Click here then scroll down to the last FAQ that says “

Changing gender marker at OSU

Changing sexual orientation/gender identification in BuckeyeLink: Go to then click on this icon:

Buckeyelink update sexual orientation icon

Employees – Changing legal name at OSU


Athletics Ticket Office:

  • Name change (legal or preferred): Email (from the email listed on your athletics account), subject line: Name Change, and say: “I have changed my name to ____, please update my athletics account.” They do not require any documentation to make this change.  (Per Lily in the Athletics Office, 6/18/21)
  • Gender marker – “Accounts do not have a gender marker unless notification is sent by the ticket holder to add one. We do not ask for gender when creating accounts. (An account holder) can always send an email asking to add/update gender.” (Per Lily in the Athletics Office, 6/18/21)


For any questions navigating these OSU/COTC policies:

Students feel free to contact the advisors of PrideOutLoud.  Faculty/Staff feel free to contact the founders of the Employee Resource Group.


Other resources:

Name and gender change legal clinics available through Equitas Health and TransOhio