Effects of Stress

Mental Effects:


-Thoughts of death and suicide

-Bipolar Disorder

Survivor Syndrome

-Irritability/ Anger


Emotional Effects:

-Anxiety Disorders

-Panic Disorders

-Mood Swings



Physical Effects:



-Weight Loss/ Gain

-Muscle Tension/Pain

-Sleep Problems/ Inability to Sleep


-Lower Immunity to Diseases/ Decreased Ability to Heal


-Heart Problems/ Decreased Functionality of Internal Organs

Note: Facts taken from (“The Consequences of Stress for the Individual”, “Stress Symptoms”, and “15 Consequences of Stress”)

First-hand Stories:

As a junior in high school, Nora Huynh had a meltdown when she found that she did not get a perfect 4.0 one grading period. She cried for hours, and her reaction shocked her family. This episode made her mother recognize a change in Nora’s emotional health, who had been becoming increasingly irritated with her siblings. Also, she had become fatigued and suffered headaches very often. (“School Stress Takes A Toll On Health”)

Bretta McCall admitted that “academic stress has been a part of [her] life ever since [she] could remember.” She started to feel so sick from stress that she had to stay home from school because she felt so ill. (“School Stress Takes A Toll On Health”)

I have also personally dealt with some of these effects because of all of the stress I place on myself. I regularly get headaches when I am faced with a lot of stress, and I am constantly tired. When it comes to homework, I have illogical fears of turning in the wrong paper, or forgetting to complete an assignment when I had just checked, double checked, and triple checked that I completed and turned in the correct version. And, even when I am on break, I am constantly anxious, just thinking about all of the work I will have to do when I return to class.

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