Coping With Stress & Perfectionism

Strategies To Relieve Stress:

-Time Management

-Class management (Drop classes or honors if stress becomes too overwhelming)

-Physical Activity

-Meditation/ Yoga

-Relaxation Techniques

-Healthy Lifestyle (Get enough sleep, eat well, minimize caffeine and alcohol)

Note: Strategies taken from “Stress Symptoms”, “Coping With School Stress”, and “School Stress Takes A Toll On Health


Strategies to Cope With Perfectionism:

– Set realistic goals

-Make a list of your unrealistic expectations, and then make a list of realistic expectations based    of off those

– Remove yourself from groups (friends, co-workers, etc) that are overly competitive

-Accept mistakes and learn from them

– Do not procrastinate (Break a large job into smaller pieces so they feel easier to accomplish)

– If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, etc. ask yourself if you set unrealistic goals

– Do not only focus on the end goal of an activity, but also focus on the process and what you learned and enjoyed about it the most

– Forgive yourself

Note: Strategies taken from “Perfectionism” and “10 Steps to Conquer Perfectionism

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