Meeting Minutes: 11/15/16

Our guest speaker for this meeting was Zachary Levin-Epstein, a representative from the State University of New York College of Optometry (SUNY). Zachary started his presentation by explaining the advantages of going into the field of optometry. We then learned more about the specifics of how to apply to optometry school and the advantages of SUNY. Zachary answered several questions from our club members.

Meeting Minutes: 10/25/16

Today, Ryan Hollister spoke to our Pre-Optometry club about the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University.  Ryan talked to our members about PCO’s optometry program and clinical campus. In addition, he also spoke to our club members about the surrounding city, Philadelphia. At the conclusion of his presentation, Ryan answered numerous questions regarding applications and PCO.

Meeting Minutes: 10/11/16

Today we were so lucky to have Dr. Davis as our guest speaker. Dr. Davis spoke to our members about her background and experience in optometry, including opening her first optometry practice. Dr. Davis then explained to us all the great work that her and her team do at Lower Lights. We congratulate you on winning the American Optometric Association Educator of the Year award, and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on October 25th!

Meeting Minutes: 9/27/16

Justin Griest, head of admissions at OSU College of Optometry, spoke to the Pre-Opotometry Club today. Justin began by  sharing many facts and data about the field of optometry. He then spoke to us about what Ohio State’s College of Optometry has to offer, and he encouraged all club members to sign-up to attend the Visit Day on October 15th. Justin then explained the application process including OAT prep, Optomcas, and interviewing strategies. Justin then answered numerous question from our club members. Hope to see you all at our next meeting on October 11th!

Meeting Minutes: 9/13/16

Our guest speaker for this meeting was Dr. Mulvihill. Dr Mulvihill graduated from The Ohio State College of Optometry, and he is now completing his residency in vision therapy at Ohio State. Dr. Mulvihill answered questions about his experience with optometry school and applying to residency programs. After telling us about himself, Dr. Mulvihill gave our club members a tour of the binocular vision and pediatrics clinic. Following the tour, Dr. Mulvihill showed us the equipment that he uses to treat patients in need of vision therapy.

Meeting Minutes: 8/23/16

At our first meeting of the year, Pre-Optometry club heard from a variety of guest speaks. Shawn Gilbert, our adviser, welcomed all members and introduced Dean Karla Zadnik. Dean Zadnik spoke to our members about her journey into and through the field of optometry. Shawn Curtner, clinic director, spoke about OSU’s clinical care program and asked for students to consider working in his federal work study. Justin Griest, head of recruitment, spoke  about the upcoming fall Visit Day on October 15th (register at The executive board then introduced themselves and their positions. All members were given the opportunity to participate in a tour of the College of Optometry.  Hope to see everyone at our next meeting on September 13th!

Meeting Minutes: 4/19/16

For our last meeting of the year, we heard from Dr. John Melnyk. He told us about his work at CarePoint East and with the Havener Eye Institute. Through his discussion about how all of his patients are referrals, we learned about his collaboration with other health care providers. Dr. Melnyk shared about how he sees many unusual cases with his patients and has a very unique experience in representing ophthalmology as an optometrist.

Meeting Minutes: 4/5/16

We held our club elections for the 2016 – 2017 school year. The results are as follows:
President: Krista Roberts

Vice President: Emma Thompson

Secretary: Kelly Lutmer

Treasurer: Shelve Shah

Historian: Jeremy Saxon

Social & Community Chair: Spencer Day

Fundraising Chair: Danica Downward

Meeting Minutes: 3/22/16

This week we celebrated the retirement of our beloved club adviser, Sally Haltom. Sally shared her story with us of how she ended up here at The Ohio State College of Optometry. She shared about all of her previous jobs and about her 19 wonderful years here at the College. She will be dearly missed, but we look forward to staying in touch with her.  Sally, congratulations and thank you for all you have done for us!

Nataya Kimble's photo.

Meeting Minutes: 3/8/16

Dr. Andy Toole and Dr. Gregory Nixon gave us a tour of different areas of the optometry school. Dr. Toole took us to the Binocular Vision/Pediatrics area and showed us how he would give an eye exam to an infant. He then taught us about retinoscopy and let us all experiment with the retinoscope. Dr. Nixon spoke to us about glaucoma and showed us different OCT images. He showed us various retinal images and explained how to examine the optic nerve.