Meeting Minutes 9/28/2021

Location: Fry 235

Meeting Called by: Pre- Optometry Club

Guest Speaker: Kara Dunkle, Nora Ziebarth, Chloe Foster


  • Attendance was taken via QR code
  • Kara, Nora, and Chloe shared their journey on how they got accepted into Optometry School at The Ohio State University 
  • They spoke about where they were from, what year they were, and why they fell in love with Optometry 
  • They answered questions about shadowing, clubs and volunteering, what classes to take, and asking for letters of recommendation
  • They explained how to study for the OAT, applying through OptomCAS and supplementals, the interview process and timeline, and why they chose OSU!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to them! (Kara Dunkle) (Nora Ziebarth) (Chloe Foster)