Meeting Minutes 10/5/2021

Location: Zoom

Meeting Called by: Pre-Optometry Club

Duration: 1 hour

Guest Speaker: Dr. Vakishan Nadarajah, Chicago College of Optometry- Midwestern University


  • Dr. Nadarajah gave a zoom presentation about the CCO- Midwestern University
  • History of COO was given, COO was accredited in 2020, being a newer university. 
  • Current class of 2025 profile was shared, a “Why Optometry” statement and an overview of the Arizona campus and its connection to COO. 
  • One Health initiative breaks down barriers between healthcare specialities, connecting optometrist to dentists, PCP, etc. This initiative is specific to Midwestern university and its offered programs. 
  • COO offers dorms to students- about 6% of all of Midwestern students utilize these as an alternative to apartments. There are also apartments on campus which students can use as well. 
  • Dr. Nadarajah does a virtual tour of the campus and its lay out, key buildings and labs, including the 3 proficiency rooms used for Mock Boards. 
  • Why COO: small class size, open door policy and all new technology are key points.
  • SEE program: summer eye experience program on the campus, spending 3 days of exposure to the school, its staff and current students. 
  • COO curriculum, overview of service opportunities, and the COO dual degree program.
  • The presentation completed with an overview of prerequisite courses, entrance exams and next steps to take towards applications and interviews.
  • Dr. Nadarajah answered questions about: ideal applicant characteristics, diversity in each graduating class, his own experience working at COO, 4th year rotation, and residency after a 4 year program.