BLOG POST #1: An Introduction


An Introduction

Hello my fellow OSU Pre-optometry students! Welcome to our first ever, absolutely wonderful Pre-Optometry blog. I am so glad you are here. 

As many of you may have noticed, there is a shocking dearth of resources for us pre-optometry students out there. Even our advisors aren’t quite sure what to do with us. Kind of premed, kind of not? Here we are, a motley of STEM majors with a peculiar fascination with eyeballs, each living our journeys in parallel. A dangerous combination, simply teeming with possibilities…

Biweekly we convene in the basement of Fry and glean what we can from our speakers, trying to piece together for ourselves if this faraway, magical little school is the place we’re meant to be. We chit-chat amongst ourselves and munch on some yummy snacks, a nervous excitement permeating the air. How do you study for the OAT? What if I have to retake it? 

We are here for each other and lift each other up. That’s what it’s all about, really. We turn on our inner retinoscopes and spread the light to each other, hoping to provide some inSIGHT (pun intended) into the hazy, seemingly subjective ambiguities of the application process. 

And here’s where this blog comes in: we want to provide a centralized location for frequently asked questions and common concerns, a resource everyone in this club can turn to for reference. After a year of eerie little Zoom boxes and lonely webinars, there is no better time for a forum to connect, reflect, and celebrate one another. 

So here it is: a collection of interesting tidbits, useful advice, and CORNEA eye puns. All students on The Great Pre-Optometry Journey are invited to contribute. Eyeballs don’t discriminate. Everyone has something marvelous to add. 

I (EYE lol) can’t wait to see where this goes.