Meeting Minutes 09/21/2021

Location: Fry 33

Meeting Called by: Pre-Optometry Club

Duration: 1 hour

Guest Speaker: Sunnie Ewing, Southern College of Optometry 



  • Attendance was taken via QR code
  • Sunnie Ewing was the representative from SCO
  • Sunnie passed out packets containing information on SCO as a school, optometry as a career and the SCO admissions process, including prerequisites, OAT scores and shadowing requirements 
  • Sunnie gave a presentation on admissions, curriculum, interview and living in Memphis as a part of her talk on being a potential student at SCO
  • Sunnie answered member questions on letters of recommendations, characteristics of key applicants, things to avoid in the interview and application process and specifics on staff at SCO

Sunnies email is