First Meeting Minutes 9/7/2021

Location: Fry 33

Meeting Called by: Pre-Optometry Club

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Guest Speaker: Dr. Earley



  • Took attendance for all members present via QR code google form
  • Members met executive board, who presented themselves and information about them
  • Members heard about Eyes on Health from Claire and received an email later in the day with follow- up information
  • Dr. Earley gave an introduction on his education background, current positions at the OSU Optometry school and his experience in private optometry practice.¬†
  • Dr. Earley summarized his personal experience through optometry school, pros about the school and profession.
  • Dr. Earley took questions from members on various topics, including:
    • How he decided to become an Optometrist
    • His perspective on owning a private practice
    • What he looks for in an optometry school applicant
    • What he looks for in an optometry school
    • Why he continued his studies into traumatic brain injury and pediatrics¬†