Meeting Minutes 2/4/2020

At our meeting on February 4th, we had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Earley, who is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at The Ohio State College of Optometry and the immediate past president of the Ohio Optometric Association.

Dr. Earley started off the meeting by explaining how he personally found his way into the career of Optometry. He originally thought he wanted to be a pediatrician because he really enjoyed working with kids, but after shadowing in his first year of medical school he realized that it was not the ideal profession for him. Given that the Optometry school is right down the street, he had the opportunity to learn more about the profession and ended up liking it a lot. He continued on to talk about refractive error in children, vision therapy, and important research that has emerged pertaining to myopia. He stressed the importance of screening young children in school and giving families valuable support and information so that their children can excel in school without any vision issues to hold them back. To conclude the talk, Dr. Earley spoke about the future of optometry and the roles of vertical scope and horizontal scope expansion in the field, especially pertaining to Ohio.

Thank you so much for coming in to share your experience and knowledge with the club Dr. Earley!