Meeting Minutes 10/8/2019

At our meeting on October 8th, Keo Khim and Matt Fink from the Ohio Optometric Association came in to do a Realeyes training session that allows interested students to give presentations at various schools in Ohio. Realeyes is a free classroom education program that presents age-appropriate curricula to students across the state. Realeyes won the 2019 AOA Apollo award and teachers rate the program a 4.9/5.0. We learned how to present Sammy Safe-Eyes, The Adventures of Rhet & Tina, The Case of Vinny Vision, and What’s Your EYE-Q during the training session, which cover important topics such as eye safety and anatomy. There will be a competition to see who can present to the most kids and the winner will receive a prize! The competition will last through winter break and the next semester.

To find out more about the Realeyes program or if you want to sign up to present, please visit:

Thank you so much, Matt and Keo, for showing us how to present the Realeyes program!