Meeting Minutes 9/25/2018

This was our second meeting of the year and Shawn Gilbert came in to talk with us! He is the Assistant Director of Admission at OSU and the advisor of Pre-Optometry Club. He gave us lots of information about Ohio State’s Optometry School as well as the admission process.

Shawn talked about all of the following information:

  • OSU Optometry- on a University campus, has many resources at your disposal
  • Comprehensive medical campus – all health professions at OSU
    • Networking, many optometrists will work in hospitals
    • Professional development events, fun social events
  • OSU values a holistic review of applicants – involvement, leadership, 3.65 average GPA, OAT (OSU will now be accepting GRE and MCAT scores instead of the OAT)
    • Looking for percentiles within these tests
  • Vision Therapy- every student is required to do Vision Therapy
    • Helping any patient whose eyes don’t communicate correctly with their brain
  • Wide range of patients- accept all insurances, you will see students, faculty, and community members
  • Brand new clinic coming next year – April of 2019, 4 stories
  • Rate of admissions.. 600 applications, 67 admitted each year
    • Interviews on Fridays
  • Prerequisite courses – transfer credits
    • Looking at where you took it (4 year schools)
    • AP credits, post-secondary accepted as long as undergrad takes it

Thank you to Shawn for coming to present at the meeting!