Meeting Minutes: 9/15/15

We heard from Dr. Heather Chandler, who has been on faculty with the College of Optometry since 2007. She started out in veterinary ophthalmology, then had the opportunity to begin researching and teaching at the College of Optometry.  The majority of her job now is bench top research, focusing specifically on corneal wound healing and cataracts.  She also teaches ocular anatomy to the first year optometry students, along with ocular physiology in the graduate program among other courses.  In her anatomy class, she likes to use a “drive through the tissue” visual approach, with very magnified images of the different tissues of the eye.  She shared some of these images with us. She still does a lot of work at the veterinary school, such as training the ophthalmology residents.  Chandler noted that the cases she sees in the animal world are much more extreme versions because the animals cannot complain about their eyes. When asked about working in academia, Chandler said that it is great because everything is always different and changing.