FaWM Lab Clinical Sites

OSU Comprehensive Center for Weight Management, Metabolic, and Bariatric Surgery 

  • Living Well Program, Behavioral Health and Family Therapy: The Behavioral Health and Family Therapy team provides group – psychoeducational groups and behavioral instruction, individual behavioral consultations, and ongoing family therapy. The team collaborates with dietitians, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and other behavioral health clinicians to provide comprehensive adult weight management services to patients and their families. Services are delivered in person or via telehealth.
  • Bariatrics Clinic:¬†The Behavioral Health and Family Therapy team work within the multi-disciplinary setting to provide a biopsychosocial care for patients seeking weight loss surgery. Services specifically provided from the Behavioral Health and Family Therapy team include: on-site consultations, behavioral interventions to fulfill pre-surgical requisites, and collaborative care appointments with dietitians, nurse practitioners, surgeons, and endocrinologists. Additionally, interested patients are referred to the OSU Couple and Family Therapy Clinic to receive on going family therapy sessions with team members. Services are delivered in person or via telehealth.

OSU Family Medicine Practice

  • Members in the FaWM lab have provided co-located integrated behavioral health care services to OSU patients and their family members. These services include brief therapy consultations, ongoing behavioral health care, couples and family therapy, and larger system collaboration (i.e., schools). Services are delivered in-person or via telehealth.

[Currently inactive] Schoenbaum Family Center (SFC)

  • Members of the FaWM lab have provided therapy services to SFC families and the Weiland Park Community. These services include individual child therapy, parent/child and family therapy, classroom consultation for child behavioral problems, and providing classroom-based prosocial early childhood curriculum.

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