SP 22

Date Topic Presenter
Jan 12 Organizational meeting All
Jan 19 Join Synners to discuss D’Arcy and Salmons 2021 Language paper on refeering practices in Linguistics All
Jan 26 Social identity modulates inferences about speaker commitment to projective content Taylor Mahler
Feb 2 Eric Snyder and Jefferson Barlew: How to Count 2 1/2 Oranges All
Feb 9 Prerna Nadathur and Dan Lassiter: An experimental look at the negative implications of exceptives All
Feb 16 Andrea Beltrama and Anna Papafragou: We are what we say: Pragmatic violations have social costs All
Feb 23 Linmin Zhang: Split semantics for non-monotonic quantifiers in than-clauses All
March 2 Disagreement in Natural Language Inference Nanjiang Jiang
March 9 Pragmatics and text generation Ashley Lewis
March 23 Additive particles William Thomas
March 30 Pauline Jacobson: What is -or, for that Matter, isn’t- ‘Experimental’ Semantics? All
April 6 QP2 dry-run: Language and identity in beauty pageants Angélica Aviles Bosques
April 13 No meeting — Marie’s away
April 20 Dry-run of dissertation defense: Social identity in speaker commitment inferences Taylor Mahler


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