Spring Project Into

For my spring project, I decided to learn yoga. There are various sections of yoga and techniques for performing yoga. Thus, I chose to specifically focus on Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutation).

I chose to do this for two main reasons. The first reason is that many of my family members and close friends engage in yoga and I have seen the positive impact it had on their mental and physical health. The second reason is after attending OSU, I have attended various fitness classes except for yoga. By the end of this project, I want to learn yoga if is for me and reap its health benefits.

I am excited to learn about yoga and myself through this project.

Diversity and Inclusion Post


An event I attended was called WiE Cafe. WiE cafe is a place where students can build a community with other female engineering students, participate in discussions and gain advice/insight from a female faculty member. I am notified of it through emails sent out by the College of Engineering Diversity, OutReach, and Inclusion office.

I attended the cafe on November 12th at Scott Lab. At the cafe, Annie Abell, an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace engineering. At the event, I was able to ask questions on her major and the classes that she teaches to senior and graduate-level engineering students.

I chose to attend the cafe because I wanted to meet more women engineering students and talk to faculty that didn’t teach my class. I really enjoyed the event because I learned a lot about different engineering aspects, classes to take in the future, and engineering clubs that I can join. I also learned that I wanted to become a female figure that people look up to in the Computer Science department after going to this and a couple of female diversity in the STEM field events.

During the first couple weeks of class, I was slightly surprised by the lack of females in my engineering classes, specifically a programming class I am taking. I think the lack of gender diversity in Computer Science, younger generations of females are not as motivated to join it or other STEM-related classes. I believe that diversity and inclusion are important because it provides different perspectives which can be used to efficiently solve problems and learn new things. OSU’s offices, a plethora of clubs, and events are putting the right amount of emphasis on diversity. As a minority in my major, I am grateful for all the opportunities provided by OSU to enhance my skills and knowledge outside of class.

Campus Resource Post

A campus resource that I regularly utilize is the North Recreation Center. I was determined to go frequently during my time at OSU. I attend almost every day and now love looking forward to Thursday Zumba Classes

I had always wanted to go workout and try the variety of classes and events that the gym near my house offered. However, the gym was not within walking distance which meant travel time that I believed could be spent on something else that required immediate attention. This continued for years and I rarely visited any facilities to workout and was content on doing it at home. My aunt would attend yoga, meditation, Zumba classes, etc. I always wanted to join and decided to make it my goal to try going to the gym once I joined college.

Once I found out I would be living at Houston House, my family and I visited the area during orientation. I was extremely happy when I realized I would be in close proximity to most of my classes and right next to the North Recreation Center. My parents wished me “good luck” when I told them I will actually go to the gym now that is a two-minute walk away from where I live.

After a couple of weeks of college, I was extremely swamped with assignments and projects. I barely had time or would be too tired to go every day to the North Rec. I didn’t want to stop going and not follow through with my goal. I wanted to find something that would force me to go at least once a week. A friend of mine mentioned that she and a lot of our mutual friends go to late-night Zumba on Thursdays and I decided to join. It was exactly what I needed and motivated me not only to go to the North Recreation but motivated me throughout the week because I had something to look forward to.

At my first Zumba class, I danced, exercised, and enjoyed it with my floormates. It was a great way to relieve all the stress I had pent up. I noticed that afterward, I had the best sleep and was super positive and energized the next day. I decided that Zumba was something I wanted to continue attending because of the positive effects on my mental and physical health. Another benefit of attending Zumba for me is, I manage my time as best as I can so I can attend it without worrying about any assignments that are due that day (most of my assignments are due Thursday night).

I really enjoy dancing and had been looking forward to trying Zumba classes after my aunt told me how much fun they are. Attending Zumba at the North Recreation was like crossing something off my bucket list and is a great way for me to relieve stress.  I am so happy that OSU has so many great resources that offer a plethora of opportunities and things for students to participate in.

STEM Seminar Post

From the first week of school, I had been receiving emails from OSU COE Diversity, Outreach, and Inclusion about Women in Engineering Cafe(Wie). I was planning on attending one but didn’t have time due to my class schedule. I received another email from them but about an engineering panel in Houston House which is where I am currently housed at. I was extremely interested because it was before and after the panel was the Engineering Expo Day 1 and 2 which I planned on attending. I figured that I can ask questions about marketing oneself, inexperience and interviews.

At the event, there was a panel of four OSU engineer alumni who explained what they studied at OSU, what their current profession is, past internships they had and answered any questions the audience had on the way. I asked the two members that were CSE majors questions about the interview process and inexperience. I asked questions about these two topics because after attending the first couple of career fairs, I was afraid that companies wouldn’t consider me for any internships due to my lack of experience in Computer Science. I also wanted to be prepared and know what to expect if I had gotten an interview in the future.

The engineering panel was also conducted to discuss being a woman in STEM, and microaggression in the workplace. I was extremely glad the panel discussed what it was like being a woman in engineering. This is because I always felt intimidated being one of very few women in any of my engineering and specifically my CSE classes. Despite not experiencing any aggression because of my gender, I had always read about other women’s experiences in the news or articles. I was glad to hear that the woman on the panel were all appreciated at work and barely faced any micro-aggression from their male colleagues. If they did, they discussed the approach and steps they took to address it with their colleagues.

One thing that I learned and has impacted me was to try and continue doing something that is meaningful to me and the community around me. I felt I was constantly doing homework or studying and forgot about enjoying my time in college. The clubs that I had chosen from a tremendous amount at OSU were slowly becoming less of a priority. I am now trying to balance my time between classes and extracurriculars that are important to me.

I also learned the importance of not giving up when something in your career doesn’t go your way. It was reassuring to hear it because I was adamant about getting an internship for the summer of 2020 but was hesitant because I am a  freshman. The engineers on the panel talked about the importance of putting yourself out there at career fairs and networking events to gain experience in talking to people and learn what they are looking for. I learned that there are many companies that don’t base their decision on what year of college your in or experience. I am now looking forward to future career fairs and applying for internships.


Academic Resource Post

The Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center (MSLC) is located at Cockin’s Hall.

I first learned about MSLC on my first day of class. I was going to my Calculus Recitation when I saw a bulletin board with information on math tutoring and the MSLC which I took a picture of for future reference. Right after, my TA in recitation mentioned the importance of utilizing college resources, specifically MSLC, to be successful.

Throughout high-school, I was always hesitant to ask for help when I had questions. There definitely was not a stigma for seeking help in my highschool. Teachers were constantly encouraging their students to ask any questions they had during a lecture or after. My reason for not seeking help in some of my classes was because I usually got more confused once a teacher answered my question because I did not fully understand the lecture or was behind on the daily homework. In order to not be confused when my question was explained, I believed I should first study everything and ask my questions later.

My studying strategy is retaking notes, rereading lessons and redoing the problems before exams. I start this strategy ahead of time; however, it takes me a long time to complete it. I feel like in order to succeed in exams, I must finish it. Due to this reason, I like to write down all the questions I have while I am studying to ask later. The beneficial thing about my strategy is I know what questions or concepts I do not fully understand so I can work on them before the exam. The disadvantage of this, however, is the strategy takes so much time to complete, I never had enough time to ask my teacher all my questions before the exam or they didn’t have time to explain all of them.

Before my calculus midterm on Tuesday, I started my strategy over the weekend and completed all the practice midterms provided by my TA. I was trying to figure out when I could attend my TA’s office hours when I received an email from MSLC about their practice midterm review that they provide students before each exam. Thanks to MSLC’s email, I remembered the resource I wanted to use. I decided to complete their review and go to MSLC with my list questions because their timings were more fitting to my schedule. As a result, my questions and any doubts were cleared and I felt really confident for my calculus midterm. Starting my studying strategy early gave me time to use an academic campus resource for help and not feel stressed the day of the exam or left studying and asking questions the minute for the exam started.

I have never felt like I will feel judgment in front of the teachers or now professors when asking for help. Their profession is to help us learn and succeed in their class and there is nothing wrong in utilizing it. Students should seek help on their classes because it will help them learn new things, make connections with professors because you are showing interest in their class and help you succeed because any existing confusion is potentially cleared. As a result, seeking help will increase a student’s chances of success much more than if they hadn’t reached out.

Student Org Post

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) organization focuses on helping women in engineering to achieve their goals and become leaders. How did I come to join the Society of Women Engineers? My roommate and I made it our goal during the involvement fair to see each and every single club. After dodging numerous advances from clubs we were not interested in, we came by the Society of Women Engineer’s club. I was really interested in this club because I was one of the very few women in my engineering classes, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet more women engineers.

I went to the first meeting, in Hitchcock hall, by myself as I hadn’t known anyone that was going. I was intimidated by the extremely long line into the auditorium. However, the feeling went away once I struck up a conversation with a girl in front of me, who is now one of my good friends. During the meeting, the board members discussed that the benefits of membership were: getting help with your resume, receiving internships, getting practice for interviews, making friends in the same field, and mentors to help guide you. These were all the things I was looking for in clubs; however,  I didn’t expect to find them all in one club.

The student leaders of the Society of Women Engineers were all very outgoing, extremely helpful, and they presented themselves with the confidence of leaders. I want to be a part of the SWE committee, and I would like to see myself become a leader of this organization in the next couple of years. In order to be a fully committed member, there is a fee you have to pay. As a result, you can attend bigger workshops outside of Ohio, and apply to be a part of the committee.

I was interested in the Society of Women Engineer’s big-little program. I think this is extremely beneficial because you receive advice and guidance from students who were previously in the same shoes as I am: a freshman. During the big-little meeting, littles went around introducing themselves to students who wanted to be a big. A lot of the members in the Society of Women Engineers that I had met during the big-little program were either in environmental science engineering or material science engineering. I expected a couple of computer science majors but didn’t find anyone until the very end. The person who was a computer science major is a committee member for Society of Women Engineers. We both bonded over having the same name and being in the same major. By the end of the meeting, I received a lot of knowledge on classes, my major, clubs that are extremely fun and beneficial to join, and made lasting relationships with some people who were done to help me when necessary.

During the next meeting, we got to decorate our own succulents which I was super excited about (picture of my succulent is above). I met a lot of old high school friends and new people at the meeting who were all very interested to get involved in the STEM field and grow as engineers.

With my classes, upcoming midterms, and working on applying to internships, I was definitely terrified about how I will be able to attend all the clubs I am interested in. This was also a concern because the clubs almost always meet on the same day and time for a couple times a week. Luckily, SWE’s weekly newsletter notify me of upcoming meetings and events which is super helpful, and there is not an excessive amount of meetings per week. I narrowed down my list of clubs and decided to focus on the ones that my values really align with and ones that I think will help me really grow as an individual. One of which was the Society of Women Engineers.

About Me

Hello, my name is Manasa Prabhala! I am from Dublin, Ohio, and I am currently a 1st-year Computer Science major in the College of Engineering.

I am a huge lover of books, running, singing, and dance. I love to read young adult, fantasy, and science-fiction; I am constantly reading and updating my Goodread’s account. You might think, how can someone love running? My years in cross country during high school taught me running is a great way to stay healthy, explore new areas in your community, and make long-lasting friendships with your running buddy or teammates. Also, joining a school choir made me interested in singing so I decided to join The Music Academy where I had been a vocal student practicing a variety of pieces, favorite being Italian Arias (2014-2019).Dance was another art style that has been a part of my life for about 10 years (2006 -2016). It helped me get involved in the Indian community, make great friends, and get rid of my stage fright. I wanted to share what I had been performing for so many years, so I taught Bollywood dance to kids from ages of 5 to 12 during the summers when I was in high school (2015- 2019). My love for teaching kids encouraged me to also work as a Math tutor at Mathnasium (August 2018-present).

Volunteering at the food pantry and with different organizations over the years helped me learn to appreciate the life and opportunities I am provided. I realized that not everyone is as fortunate as me, and I believe it is my responsibility to give back to my community. I am thankful that I was able to help the individuals in my community overcome different obstacles they may be facing in their lives with my actions. I want to continue giving back, so I plan on getting involved in some service clubs at OSU.

My family and I love to travel to experience new cultures and learn more about a country. As of now, we have traveled to 14 countries. I get to learn more every time I travel, which has motivated me to try a study abroad program during my time at OSU. It would be an extremely beneficial opportunity because you meet people who have different perspectives and approaches to a problem; it is similar to the workforce where you have to work with a diverse set of people.

Computer science is challenging, rapidly advancing, and provides numerous benefits to all aspects of life. My appreciation for technology encouraged me to study the language of computers and algorithms. It inspired me to be part of the driving force towards technological innovations and the exploration of the unknown.

I plan to utilize OSU’s abundance of resources, opportunities, and supportive staff to build a successful future for myself in engineering.

Year in Review

[ “Year in Review”  is where you should reflect on the past year and show how you have evolved as a person and as a student.  You may want to focus on your growth in a particular area (as a leader, scholar, researcher, etc.) or you may want to talk about your overall experience over the past year.  For more guidance on using your ePortfolio, including questions and prompts that will help you get started, please visit the Honors & Scholars ePortfolio course in Carmen. To get answers to specific questions, please email eportfolio@osu.edu. Delete these instructions and add your own post.]


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