Student Organization Post

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) organization focuses on helping women in engineering to achieve their goals and become leaders. How did I come to join Society of WOmen Engineers? My roommate and I made it our goal during the involvement fair to see each and every single club. After dodging numerous advances from clubs we were not interested in, we came by SWE’s club. I was really interested in the club because I was one of very few women in my engineering classes, and I thought this was a great opportunity to meet more women engineers.


I went to the first meeting, in Hitchcock hall, by myself as I hadn’t known anyone that was going. I was intimidated by the extremely long line into the auditorium. However, the feeling went away once I struck up a conversation with a girl in front of me, who is now one of my good friends. During the meeting, the board members discussed that the benefits of membership were: getting help with your resume, receiving internships, getting practice for interviews, making friends in the same field, and mentors to help guide you. These were all things I was looking for in clubs but I didn’t expect to find them all in one club.


The student leaders of Society of Women Engineers were all very outgoing, extremely helpful, and they presented themselves with the confidence of leaders. I want to be a part of the SWE committee and would like to see myself become a leader of this organization in the next couple of years. In order to be a fully commited member, there is a fee you have to pay. As a result, you can attend bigger workshops outside of Ohio, and apply to be a part of the committee.


I was interested in Society of Women Engineer’s big-little program. I think this is exemely beneficial because you recieve advice and guidance from students who were previously in the same shoes as I am: a freshman. During the big-little program, littles went around introducing themselves to students who wanted to be a big. A lot of the members in Society of Women Engineers that I had met during the big-little program were either in environmental science engineering or material science engineering. I expected a couple computer science majors but didnt find anyone until the very end. The person in CSE is a commitee member for Society of Women Engineers and we bonded over having the same name. By the end of the meeting, I recieved a lot of knowledge on classes, my major, clubs that are extremely fun and beneficial to join, and made lasting relationships with some people who were done to help me when necessary.


During the next meeting, we got to decorate our own succulent which I was super excited about. I met a lot of old highschool friends and new people who were all very interested to get involved in the STEM feild and grow as engineers.