Learning the Lingo: Health Equity is for All of Us

2023 Ohio Conference on Service and Volunteerism  November 2, 2023, Westerville, Ohio

Title: Learning the Lingo: Health Equity is for All of Us  (Workshop 1C)

Description: Service to others should not only strengthen the community but also strengthen volunteers. We will offer strategies for personal and professional development to connect with partners to solve large community issues. Don’t let the term “health equity” make you think that it’s only related to the focus area of healthy futures. Whether you focus on education, health, economic opportunities, or environmental stewardship, this session is for everyone as we work towards strong communities.

Target Audience: General Audience

PowerPoint: Learning the Lingo: Health Equity is for All of Us



  • Patrice Powers-Barker, CFLE (Certified Family Life Educator) – Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, powers-barker.1@osu.edu
  • Emilee Drerup – Program Director, OSU Extension Public Health AmeriCorps, drerup.23@osu.edu


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Mindful Wellness Presentation Materials

The Ohio State University Extension is pleased to present Using the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale to Evaluate an Extension Program as a poster at the Showcase of Excellence and an Ignite/Subject Matter Networking presentation at the 2019 NEAFCS Annual Session in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This presentation will share the results of using the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale with adult participants of Mindful Wellness, a program designed and taught by Extension Educators. 

Coming Soon:  Handout

For more information and contacts, please visit OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences on Mindful Wellness


Previous Presentations:

  • Mindful Wellness at the 15th Annual National Land-Grant Diversity Conference on Thursday February 7th, 2019.  This session will look at mindfulness research, practice a mindful exercise and be inspired to consider how mindfulness fits into your work in the community. Mindfulness practices help strengthen capacity for non-judgement and compassion for self and others. Mindfulness exercises are accessible and adaptable for a wide variety of audiences. Handout: Participant Handout Diversity Conference 2019
  • Mindful Wellness at the 2018 NEAFCS Annual Session Thursday September 27, 2018.   This session will introduce Extension educators to the Mindful Wellness curriculum designed to strengthen the mind-body connection and promote holistic health and wellness across the lifespan.  Handout:  MW handout NEAFCS 2018
  • Programs offered to OSU Extension, FCS staff 2017