Mindfulness for teams, athletes, coaches – and spectators

“One of the most effective ways to build mental strength is through mindfulness—which is simply being attentive and aware in the present. It sounds so simple, but very few people (athletes included) truly live in the moment. If you’re thinking of a bad play you made earlier in the game or the pressure that will come during crunch time late in the game, you are not being mindful” (Houde, 2018).

Outline for class with high school students and student-athletes: Mindset Update for Athletes

Short Videos:

Article on Golden State Warriors, a 2017 case study in mindfulness, empathy, and cooperation. 

Shared by a colleague: As many of you know, I grew up near Buffalo, and that I am a big sports fan. The Buffalo Sabers is an NHL team and, late in the season, brought in their rookie goalie, and right away, people noted he had a unique TV timeout routine. He doesn’t go to the bench but skates out in front of his net and kneels down.

In post-game interviews, they asked him what he was doing, and he was meditating. Here are two different links to stories about this; he started mediating because of Star Wars.


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