Mindfulness Resources for Extension Professionals

Link to Wiser on Wednesdays 08/25/21 resources

Dear Extension Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in mindfulness practice and the OSUE curriculum, Mindful Wellness (details below). This page is designed to help you find the resources you need to compliment your work and practice.

Check here for a copy of the Mindfulness Ideas and Activities handout. 

The state Mindful Wellness information is here: https://fcs.osu.edu/programs/major-program-areas/healthy-relationships/mindful-wellness

Summer 2021 – Wiser on Wednesdays, August 25, 2021, resources listed here.

Winter 2020 – If you attended the mindfulness session at the 2020 Annual Extension Conference on Tuesday, December 8th and would like details about the thirty-minute session, please visit here.

Summer 2020 – We offered an online, one-day mindfulness in-service to our colleagues at OSU Extension on Thursday, August 20, 2020. For a copy of the agenda, handouts, links and resources, please visit this page.

(from 2019 – about the new curriculum)

Dear Extension Colleagues,

We are so excited to share that Mindful Wellness, an OSU Extension curriculum is now available for sale at OSU Extension Publications.

photo of flower on cover of Mindfull Wellness curriculumOSU Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences promotes mindfulness education as part of the Healthy Relationships team. OSU Extension staff who will use the curriculum across the state can attend an annual state-wide training or coordinate a regional training with colleagues. For more information about Mindful Wellness opportunities in Ohio and links to contacts, please visit https://fcs.osu.edu/programs/major-program-areas/healthy-relationships/mindful-wellness.

Participant AGENDA 2019 for one-day training offered to OSU Extension staff by the Mindful Wellness team.

As a suggestion to our colleagues, we like to share some online, free resources from OSU, other state Extension programs and wellness sites from other universities. This is certainly not an exhaustive list but it includes some online sources that might be of interest to Ohioans in order to learn more about mindfulness:

Thank you for your interest! We are always interested in learning from our colleagues about what works best for you. What are your favorite mindfulness habits and practices?

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