PC Parts Picked on PCPartsPicker!

First of all, I’d like to welcome all of you to this Blog Site. As part of Ohio State’s 2014 inaugural S.T.E.P. program, I decided to build a custom PC. As part of this experience, I have, and will learn about the type of components that are necessary in order to build a PC. I learned about incompatibilities, prices, specifications, functions, and an endless list of serial numbers. ¬†Through this experience, I have learned how many different parts in a computer work together in order to create a functioning machine.

I will post regularly to this WordPress site whenever I hit any milestones. Also, as the actual physical build progresses, I will take video of the process, and post it the YouTube Channel, Ohio State S.T.E.P. Program (www.youtube.com/user/ohiostatestep)¬† . Through this, you have the ability to get text explanation of what is happening, along with being able to see the physical parts coming together. Without further ado, let’s get to the first update!

Today, I finalized my build. While the final form that I submitted to S.T.E.P. was what I had planned to go with, I came up with some last minute changes. Below, you can see the list on PCPartsPicker.com


As you can see, the total cost listed at the bottom comes out to be $30 over the S.T.E.P. $2000 fund. Luckily, with a bit more research, I found that by buying the CPU component through my local MicroCenter, I would save about $40. That leaves just a little bit of money left over to pay for shipping. Any extra charges will come straight out of my own pocket!

At this point, I am simply waiting for the money to come through. My video card is currently on a 1-2 month backlog, so that will be the first thing I order to make sure I have myself in line for one. Once I do have access to my funds though, it shouldn’t be more than two weeks till I start putting components together. I am looking forward to it and am very excited!

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