Meet the Team

Tim McDermott DVM, Ag/NR Hocking County   ANR Blog Hocking County

Ohio State University Department of Veterinary Preventative Medicine Poultry Page

Jeffrey D. Workman PhD Extension Program Coordinator

Lucinda B. Miller PhD  Extension Specialist 4-H Youth Development Companion and Small Animal Programs

4-H Animal Sciences

Sarah J. Noggle Ag/NR, CED Paulding County  Twitter: @PauldingOSUAg

Sabrina K. Schirtzinger Ag/NR Knox County

Samuel G. Custer Ag/NR Darke County

Sandy Smith, Ag/NR Carroll Co.

Deb Brown PhD, Ag/NR Shelby Co.

Sandra G. Velleman, Professor, OSU Dept. of Animal Sciences



2 thoughts on “Meet the Team

  1. typical story
    wife decided to raise chickens
    did not sex the chicks
    now males very aggressive towards hens
    can’t bring herself to take to the butcher

    we have 2 male buff orpingtons 17 weeks old that she wants rid of
    anybody want them ?
    I’ll deliver

    Louis Buckalew Mechanicsburg, Ohio

    • Louis, I do not know of anyone and am based in Franklin County. I recommend you reach out to your local Extension office to see if they can assist locally.

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