Meet the Team

Tim McDermott DVM, Ag/NR Franklin County

  • Interests: Veterinary Medicine, Poultry Diseases, Biosecurity, Urban Livestock, 4-H Youth Livestock Projects

Ohio State University Department of Veterinary Preventative Medicine Poultry Page

Sarah J. Noggle, Ag/NR,  Paulding County  Twitter: @PauldingOSUAg

Sabrina K. Schirtzinger, Ag/NR Knox County

Sandra G. Velleman, Professor, OSU Dept. of Animal Sciences

Pressley Buurma, Ag/NR Seneca County

  • Interests: Poultry Nutrition, Poultry Care, Backyard Poultry, Egg Layers, Meat Birds, Show Birds, 4-H and FFA Livestock Projects, Farm Management

Jacob Winters, Ag/NR, Auglaize County

  • Interests: Weed and Insect Management with Poultry, Small Farms, Commercial Farms, Pastured Poultry.

Catelyn Turner, Ag/NR, Monroe County

Heather Neikirk, Ag/NR, Stark County

Sandy Trushel, Ag/NR, Carroll County


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  1. I’d like some advice on lobbying for chickens in my suburban city, Gahanna. Currently, residential code requires 1 acre of land where I only have 0.25 acre. There are many suburban and even urban areas without these restrictions. I have no clue where to start with this mission or whom to approach in the city. Advice would be much appreciated!

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