Week 9: Collage Part 2

This is a take on a journey to a farm land somewhere near the water. A journey that can be something different to live the complete opposite than most do nowadays. Would you take this journey? Or would you want to go somewhere else?

WEEK 7: Reflection


I will first start off with the whole process I went through to create my drawing. I had a completely different idea than what I presented to the class. I originally want to have my gaming chair in the picture rather than the knife. However, I could not get all the pieces on the chair to look correct. What I mean by that is the dimensions and the angles of the objects. I tried everything I could to get it to work because it would’ve looked really cool. I changed course and also changed the location I was doing the drawing. I put the objects on my counter and added in my kitchen knife because one I love to cook. Also I love how the light comes off the knife. I really focused on drawing the objects and I could’ve added more to mark making. I felt like it was really hard to get clean lines and add in mark making in some areas. I think I will try to find different tools next time or try different ways of using a little more. I liked the feedback I got on trying to add a little more to the background and the horizon on the drawing. I did make the decision to not add to the bottom because I felt like it would’ve made the drawing more messy, but I felt like behind the drawing I could’ve add more to the scene of the imagine. Looking at all the other drawings I saw really good shading and how they water down the paint or used different techniques to get the colors they did. I really wish I could of done more of that in my drawing.

Below is a new image of my big project drawing: