Neutral Columbus

The sources on this page give an impartial view and talk about both sides of the issue about Columbus. The article by Schuman, Howard, Barry, and Hannah also gives a really interesting public poll about what Americans think about Christopher Columbus and his legacy.


Fernandez-Armesto, F. “Columbus–Hero or Villain?” History Today 42.5 (1992): 4. MasterFILE Premier. Web.

By: Sahil

Abstract: Weighs both the sides of the issue of whether Christopher Columbus was a hero or a villain.

Quotes and Observations: “Slavery was only one among many ills which Columbus was said to have inflicted on the natives.”. This article has a good balance of both sides of the issue.


Schuman, Howard, Barry Schwartz, and Hannah D’Arcy. “Elite Revisionists and Popular Beliefs: Christopher Columbus, Hero or Villain?” Public Opinion Quarterly 69.1 (2005): 2-29. PsycINFO. Web.

Abstract: Looks at the public opinion on whether or not Columbus was a hero or a villain.

By: Sahil

Quotes and Observations: “85 percent of this national sample gave Simple Traditional answer that basically described Columbus as the ‘discoverer of America'”. Gives a nice poll of the American population of their views on Columbus.