Deciding which platform to use in an online project

Making a project is already a task itself and it is not easy, but in order to have maximum impact on your audience how you deliver, it is as important as what you deliver. This is why the platform you use to present is a huge deal. The less time you use to pass your slides and the less you go back and forth to your computer the more impact you will make. That’s why it is important to have a handheld device to help you while presenting. So take your time and read this article by intuilab where it makes it much clear how to perform well in an online project where you need to do everything from the scratch.

How to be successful in an online group project

US news made a research about how to survive online class group projects and here are some tips for you. 1st thing is to have a plan. Create a detailed outline to make every group member clearly understand what they are doing. Secondly, find a way to monitor communication. Group texting is a good way for it because the conversations can be read again. Last but not least if there is any problem that group cannot solve don’t hesitate to contact the instructor for the issue. Even though these are not all to achieve success it is a good start. The rest is for you to figure it out for yourself. Sometimes it is much better to show someone into the fire and let them figure it out. With this basic information you have, you need to carve your own path and be your best on an online project.

How to present a PowerPoint online

Here is a video of sharing your presentation with the rest of the world. This is important because you should not be the only one who knows about your research, and the easiest way to share it is the internet. It is unimaginable how many google searches are done every day and one might be yours. But you also need to be careful about how you share your information. This video by PowerPoint is a great example to learn more about it.