E-Portfolio of Laura Martens RN, BSN

Hi!  My name is Laura Martens.  I am in my final semester at OSU completing the School Nurse Professional Pupil Certificate.  Included on this site are exemplary documents of my work.


It is my personal philosophy as a mother and as a nurse to educate and empower youth to take an active approach in their wellness.  Wellness is a dynamic aspect of health that encompasses: emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, career, social, financial, creative, and environmental well-being.  Today’s youth are particularly vulnerable because of a variety of social determinants.  They require assistance and education to guide them to make positive life choices and develop protective factors.    Healthy children make better learners, thus better members of society.


Below is the link to my resume.  I have been a BSN since 2005.  I have worked as a hospice case manager and as an ICU nurse.  In becoming a LSN, I wanted to use the skills I have acquired over the years and use it toward my passion for public health and caring for children.

school nurse resume (2)