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PLEASE REVIEW: Tips for Portage County 4-H Judging


We follow the same guidelines as the Ohio State Fair: nonlivestockguidebook

    • On the Non-Livestock Guidebook website, scroll down until you see the different day titles.
    • Click on the Day that fits your project area. (Each project is listed on the document if you are unsure which day you fall on)
    • If you are taking a Self-Determined Project, here is a guide to know which day you should be looking for: SD Tip Sheet
      • If your self -determined project is not on this list, you may best fit with Self Determined Project Day.
    • Within these participation guidelines it will list general tips to know, what to bring with you, and for some, an example of the judging sheet.


4-H Changes for the 2023 Ohio State Fair

PLEASE REVIEW the 2023 Summary of Changes found here as they MIGHT apply to you:


Portage County Judging Sheet Example: (Sewing Projects- look at example on website link above)


Additional Resources:


State Fair Clothing Award Application

Food & Nutrition: Food & Nutrition Portfolio Interest Areas

Wood Working: Woodworking Guidelines


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