Commercial Cattle Show: Ohio State Fair

Commercial Cattle Show

Saturday, July 29, 2023 Ohio State Fair

Deadline for entries is July 21



The Commercial Cattle Show is an exhibition in which cattle are shown in a pens of three.

Cattle will be evaluated on a live and carcass basis.

Cattle will be shown in three groups: Native Beef, Beef on Dairy, and Dairy.

They must also be penned by sex.



Any exhibitor who has involvement with cattle may participate.

There will be a junior and an open division.

Youth under the age of 21 and organized youth groups are invited to participate in the junior division.

All junior cattle will also be eligible to participate in the open division.



Entries will open on May 16.

You can enter online at (May 16 – June 21 at 1 p.m.), or email Barb Prince at (June 21 1:01 pm. – July 21).

Specific entry and show information available at

Note: Commercial cattle do not need to be BVD tested.


IMPORTANT CHANGES From prior years

  • Additional divisions
  • Beef x Dairy
  • Dairy
  • Shorter duration

– Cattle can arrive on Thursday, July 27.

– All cattle must be in place by Friday evening, July 28. Cattle will weigh Saturday morning and show Saturday afternoon.

  • Options for UPI collection points to transport cattle to the Ohio State Fair.
  • Possible collection points include Eaton and Bucyrus. Additional sponsorships for 2023 and increased premiums.


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