All About Poultry! Zoom Webinars

Presenters Include:
Dr. Mike Cressman, AssistantProfessor,OSU Dept Animal Science
Tim McDermott, DVM, OSU Extension, Franklin County
Dr. Allison Pullin, Assistant Professor of Animal Welfare, North Carolina State University

All About Poultry!
Zoom Webinars in April & May
6:00 –7:30 PM

Geared towards youth participants taking poultry projects but anyone is welcome!

Webinar links and details below:
Wednesday, April 26th: Poultry Health 682120)
Protecting animal health at home and at the fair, common disease ID, and more!
Thursday, May 4th: Poultry Nutrition 870670)
Nutrition best practices, how nutrition impacts meat quality
Monday, May 15th:Poultry Handling and Welfare 231076)
Animal handling and welfare at home and at the fair, impact of handling and stress on meat quality

Avian Influenza Trifold

A great super short video to share on Facebook and social media is this one that update on how to keep your flock safe from HPAI:

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