Market Goat Tagging and Housing Information

Tag in May 21st Portage County Randolph Fair by the Fair Office Gate

Tag in fees are $25 per goat and each club will be billed for tag in fees.  We will not be accepting fees at tag in.  Please come to tag in with your tag in form and housing form (if needed) completed. All market goats must have a scrapie tag at tag in.

2022 approved Market Goat Rules/ 2022 Tag In Form / 2022 Housing Form

Please contact Rhonda Procaccio ( by Saturday May 14th of how many goats your child will be tagging in and whether you will be tagging in a family extra. She will need to know which child is tagging in the family extra.


Important dates to remember are as follows:

Saturday May 21st – Tag In 9:00-10:00am

by the Fair Office Gate

Tuesday July 12th –  Skill A Thon 6pm-7pm

Hubbard Building

Monday August 22nd – Weigh In 3-4pm and 6-7pm

Sarchione Livestock Arena

Tuesday August 23rd – Show Day 1pm

Sarchione Livestock Arena

Thursday  August 25th – Fun Goat show 3pm

Sarchione Livestock Arena

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