Congratulations Blue and Red Award Winners! 2021 Club Books Graded and Ready for Pick-Up.

Congratulations Blue and Red Award Winners for Outstanding 2021 Club Books!

Blue Scrapbook Award Winners:

  • Kitchen Crew, Foxy Trotters, Barnyard Buddies, Critter Getters, Portage County Unleashed.

Blue Secretary’s Book Award Winners:

  • Nosey Nibblers, Crazy Critters, Stablemates, Portage County Dairy Club, Portage County Unleashed, Everything Under the Sun, Kitchen Crew.

Red Secretary’s Book Award Winners:

  • Creatures-N-Features, Barnyard Buddies, Market Masters.

Blue Treasurer’s Book Award Winners:

  • Midnight Riders, Stablemates, Kitchen Crew, Market Masters, Everything Under the Sun, Barnyard Buddies, Portage County Dairy Club, Portage Prime Producers, Nosey Nibblers.

Red Treasurer’s Book Award Winners:

  • Portage County Shepherds, Portage County Unleased, Creatures-N-Features, Foxy Trotters, Critter Getters.


Thank you to all of the clubs who turned in your Club Books for grading! We encourage all clubs to participate in creating and keeping Club Books for your records. Attached below are the Evaluation Forms for last year, listing requirements for you to use this year!

Secretary Book Evaluation – FillableTreasurer Book Evaluation – Fillable  / Secretary Book Evaluation form

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