Hubbard Building Booths and Set-up

Times Available to set-up:

Thursday – 9am-8pm

Friday – 9am-8pm

Saturday – 10am-4pm

Sunday – 2pm-8pm

Monday – 10am-7pm

Please have booths set and ready to be judged by Monday, August 23rd at 7pm.

Please do not block roads, park your cars outside the gate after you unload. No painting the boards. You can staple, but make sure to remove them all at the end of the week. Please make sure to clean up and take everything down (including staples), by Tuesday, August 31st. Please also clean/sweep your area when you are done so nothing is left on the floor.

Fencing can go up either diagonal or squared off, or none at all if you choose.


Hubbard Building Assignments 2021

Booth Reservation 2021

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