Teen Tip Video: Race and Racism – Huh?

“Race and Racism – Huh?”, is provided by Marion County FCS Educator Whitney Gherman.  Learning about topics such as racism, oppression, and social identity requires stamina, courage, and skill. During this brief video a few terms and concepts will be introduced. Upon watching it you’ll have a better sense of the way race has been constructed and the ways to use your unique gifts and talents to interrupt, speak out, and stand against racism.

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Teen Tips video:  How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

Teen Tips video:  How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

This video focuses on how our bodies have their own form of knowledge.  This knowledge is typically experienced as a sense of constriction or expansion, or ease, energy or numbness.  It signals to our brains whether we are safe or unsafe.  Especially in difficult conversations, we can use body awareness to effectively engage with others and navigate contentious issues.

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Tips for Shopping at Farmer’s Markets

The CFAES Lean on Your Land Grant Task Force was convened to understand the impact of the pandemic on Ohio’s food system, including small- to mid-sized producers who sell to a range of direct markets, restaurants, institutions, retailers, and wholesale outlets. The task force is also helping livestock producers, some of whom sell to the same outlets.

“The CFAES Lean on Your Land Grant Task Force wants to keep these farmers markets and the rest of the Ohio food system operating, and we want to make sure that farmers, customers, and local decision-makers have up-to-date and accurate information. Farmers markets and roadside stands are great ways to meet the farmers who produce Ohio’s agricultural bounty, including meat, poultry, honey, eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and more.”

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