Portage County placed in the top 3 at the 4-H Horse Bowl State competition in Columbus!

After months of preparation, Saturday, April 1, 2017 Portage County’s 4-H senior, and junior teams competed at the State of Ohio’s 4-H Horse Bowl competition at Ohio State in Columbus. And their dedication paid off. Our Senior team:  Jessica Booher, Jenna Moulton, Anna Martin, & Jacob Mill placed 1st out of 24 counties in Ohio, taking home a valuable reference binder called Horse Smarts valued at over $100. Our seniors will also move onto the Quarter Horse Congress in October, then the Eastern Nationals in November. Out of our senior team 2 individuals were in the top ten for the most questions answered correctly – Jessica Booher placing 2nd and Jenna Moulton placing 9th

 Our Junior team placed 3rd out of 23 counties, surpassing last year’s 5th place. Our juniors attended practice every week, with daily studying. Our junior team consisted of 4 team members and 1 alternate: Scarlett Fitzpatrick, Ayla Powers, Jennah Latshaw, Ryan Booher, alternate Kyla Ford, & Kaitlyn McIntyre as assistant coach. Out of our junior team we had 1 individual that placed 3rd for the most questions asked, she is Ayla Powers.








Juniors (yellow) l-r Ryan Booher, Ayla Powers, Kyla Ford, Scarlett Fitzpatrick, Jennah Latshaw

Seniors l-r Jacob Mills, Anna Martin, Jenna Moulton, Jessica Booher








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