Keeping Poultry Healthy and Biosecurity Updates

Attached are three Avian Influenza/Biosecurity poultry-related documents:

  1. ODA Media Release – March 29 – Ohio Working with Federal and Industry Partners to Prevent Spread of Avian Influenza ODA March 29 Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
  2. Avian Influenza: News Update, from Dr. Mohamed El-Gazzar, Poultry Extension Veterinarian, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, OSU HPAI news updates 3-27-17
  3. Biosecurity for Birds: Social Media Resources for Migratory Season, from The US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) Social Toolkit for APHIS-B4B Migratory Season

Below are websites from USDA-APHIS with helpful information about biosecurity:

Backyard Biosecurity for Birds:

Cleaning and Disinfecting Checklist for Backyard Poultry Owners:

Biosecurity for large flock/commercial poultry:

This information is posted at the Keeping Poultry Health and Biosecurity Resources section on the Poultry Resources page at

Cloverbud Advisors!

The newest edition of the Ohio 4-H Cloverbud Connections Newsletter is now posted to the website:

In this April – June 2017 Issue we highlight several topics about Cloverbud Meetings – Methods & Planning:

  •        Union County Cloverbud Club – Countywide Model for Cloverbud Programming by Christie Leeds
  •        How We Do Community Clubs by Rhonda Williams
  •        Campus Connections by Scott Scheer
  •        Click it, Print it, Do it! – How Do 4-H Cloverbuds Spell Team.… by Janine Yeske

Don’t forget about our Click it, Print it, Do it! webpage where you can find over 40 different activities that are ready to go for your next Cloverbud meeting:




WHEN: May 21, 2017

TIME: 9am – Fishing Instructional Class for Boy Scout Merit Badge, All Youth Welcome

11am – Fishing Derby – Free Bait Provided

Hot Dog Lunch will be Provided. All Youth & Their Parents Are Invited!

Any questions please contact one of us listed below:

             Thom Tauche           330-388-5149  (President)

              Mike Barker            330-842-1388  (Vice President)

              Rich Kolehmainen    330-325-0428  (Secretary)

   Club website:

Shooting Sports Youth Day – Free!

Youth Day 

Sponsored by Portage-Summit Field & Stream Club 8504 St Rt 224, Deerfield, OH 44411 Saturday Aug 5th  8:00 AM-3:00 PM

*With the support of the Ohio Division of Wildlife*

Youth ages 10-16 will spend an enjoyable day learning the correct and safe use of Firearms, Air-rifles, Archery and Fishing equipment.

 8:00 AM:  Registration begins
8:30 AM:  Safety Class begins;  attendance is mandatory for participation
8:45 AM:  Participants will be assigned to groups and rotated at 45 min. intervals among:  Rimfire Rifle Shooting,  Air Rifle shooting,  Archery,  Shotgun (Trap) Shooting,  Muzzleloading Rifle Shooting, and  Fishing

  All equipment, ammunition, eye and hearing protection provided along with FREE lunch for the participants and family under a grant from the ODNR.   Participation is limited, so advanced registration is required.  All youth must be accompanied by Parent or Legal Guardian.

 Be at Club grounds no later than 8:30 AM along with sunscreen, bug repellent, and a camera to record a fun filled day!

For Reservations: Complete the application/waiver send to the address provided. youth day waiver-2017       FREE   Or go HERE for online registration.

Portage Summit Field & Stream Club is located on the south side of OHIO St. Rt. 224, 1.5 miles WEST of the Deerfield Circle or .7 miles EAST of the flashing light at intersection of ST. Rt. 224 & Rt. 225.

For additional Information:  Phone or email: Bob Becker    330-597-3009  at home

New Cloverbud Kit (free!)

Now available in our office.

How’s the Weather? Fun!

Have you ever noticed that everyone likes to talk about the weather? When you’re with a group of people and you can’t think of anything to say, why not bring up how great (or how nasty) the weather has been?

4-H Cloverbuds can now talk about the weather, too! And they will probably have more knowledge than most of the people around them… if they’ve been to the session where you have taught the new “Weather Fun” Cloverbud kit!

The new kit was made available as a fundraiser for the Jefferson County 4-H Committee. The kit is made up of songs, games, crafts, snacks, stories, and science experiments. The kit will help you as volunteers discuss things that may be hard to discuss, such as fear of storms and what we can do to be smart, not scared, during big storms.

The science experiments included with the kit are hands-on and Cloverbud-age appropriate. Even your five-year-old Cloverbuds will be able to make a rainbow on a sunny day and go home and share that rainbow with their families. Four of the experiments are set up to be repeated at home- using materials found in every home. The fifth experiment (the cyclone tube) requires a special tube that most families won’t have, but it is included in the kit because it is so awesome to see.

One of our goals in working with Cloverbuds is to help them learn to talk- both in conversation and public speaking events. Using this kit will give them the basics of talking about something everyone likes to talk about… the weather! The kit can be borrowed from your county Extension office and includes activities that can be used in any of Ohio’s four seasons. Borrow it soon. Email to reserve it now!